By commissioning me, you confirm that you have read and agree to these Terms Of Service

All commissioners  must be 18+ years of age

Prices and payment:

-All prices are charged in USD currency. I use invoices.

-price is per character. If the extra character(s) are not fully covered by another character.

-payment is before I start the commission

-Additional charges may be added for complex designs, large wings, fetishes, extra props, alternate versions, background

Edits and Revisions:

-Sketch is sent as a preview so you can tell me if there is changes to do before the ink/coloring. Progress is displayed on my Trello

-most revisions are free of charge. Nothing excessive. I don't do back and forth edits. That means, I will not question your reply to each stage. I will simply take your word as is, and do the best I can with it.

-I will not "re-do" any commissions for free. Make sure all information that you give me is clear and correct.

-style preference and edits that harm the artistic quality of the piece will be rejected. Do not do redlining.

Usage and rights:

-I have the right to decline a commission. You are more than welcome to try again next time

-You are allowed to post the piece to your galleries ( low-res only ) with proper credits

Hi-res file is for private using.
I will not upload every commission.

-I keep all rights to created artworks. Commissions are only for your personal, NON commercial use.  The commissioner may not change or edit the image in any way. This doesn’t involve cropping or resizing for icons and such

-Make sure you save your files. I do not keep them in my dropbox forever.

Refunds and cancellation:

- If you wish to cancel a commission full refund is possible if I didn't start on it yet

- If you wish to cancel a commission after the sketch preview is shown to you, you may request a partial refund. I will charge you for the work completed

- no refund on completed commission

-if for any reason I cancel a commission, you will get a full refund

- Do not ask me to draw any character that is not yours without full permission.

- I need visual reference(s). I do not accept commissions with walls of text/extremely detailed ideas. Be brief and to the point please

feel free to PM me if you have any questions 


Contacts: (not my paypal)

Discord: Nazuu#3052   (preferred)

Telegram: @NazuuM0nster