I will draw:

  • any gender, orientation

  • anthro, feral, humanoid, monster etc.

  • SFW and NSFW

  • any body types, including non-hyper and hyper proportions (to an extent)

  • some fanart

I won't draw:  https://www.f-list.net/c/nazuu

  • cum, messy sex etc. Inflation (I draw mature images, not the artist to draw intercourse/ very graphic porn for others)

  • nsfw underaged/cub, or characters that look underage

  • nasty ex: farts, scat, urine

  • incest

  • pregnancy

  • zoophilia, feral sex, realistic animal genitals ex: dogina, inverted roo balls, cloaca, etc.

  • sequences, transformation (not good with those)

  • rape/ non consensual

★Example of subject of interest, artist preferences: 

monsters, dragons, unusual characters, weird designs, hybrids, demons, scalies, avians, taurs, insects, claws, pointy teeths, bottom lip, sexy, pin-up, fantasy, sfw, romance, piercings, clothing (fantasy, medieval), dark theme, musclegut, emphasis on belly and hips, size difference(nothing extreme), food, oral vore, variety

Art by Nazuu. All characters belong to their respective owners